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  • Selection of judges in the UK
    Bogus Johnson wants to politicize the selection of judges in the UK and limit their ability to overturn decisions of government agencies. In effect, the UK has evolved something comparable to the explicit "checks and balances" of the US Constitution, and Bogus wants to weaken it so he can do whatever he wishes.
  • The trial of Stephen Ward
    In 1960, the UK framed Stephen Ward so he couldn't say that a minister had lied to Parliament. The trial was "a charade, presided over by a judge committed to a conviction." It was characterized by "manipulation of the trial by the lord chief justice." The UK has not got any more honest. It is now doing something comparable to Julian Assange.
  • The desert locust in Africa
    *A humanitarian crisis looms in Africa unless we act fast to stop the desert locust.*
  • Freedom of expression
    A TV show in Pakistan showed an extramarital affair — unusually, involving a wife rather than a husband. The producer and actors are accused in court of misogyny, putting freedom of expression in danger. I reject the assumption that monogamy is morally imperative. I refuse to use the words "cheating" and "unfaithful" to describe sex, or romantic love, in conflict with monogamy. I think people should be monogamous if they wish, and not if they don't. When I love a woman, I do not ask her to be monogamous, because I do not think of her as my possession. I simply wish for her to join me in keeping our love going well. The article refers an the end to the violence in Tom and Jerry cartoons. Americans a few decades ago began to question whether it was a good thing to enjoy that violence. I read that point, and…
  • Troll wants to destroy Medicaid
    "Trump wants to destroy Medicaid while claiming to save it." This will kill thousands of poor and disabled Americans.
  • New Hampshire Democratic primary
    Sanders got the most votes in New Hampshire Democratic primary, but two corporate Democrats were close behind.
  • Insect apocalypse
    The insect apocalypse has been measured in the UK and Denmark. It was previously reported from Germany.
  • Bernie Sanders fights to un-rig the system
    *Bernie Sanders Isn't a Radical — He's a Pragmatist Who Fights to Un-rig the System.*
  • Airplane crews that carried out war crimes
    Salafi Arabia has agreed to prosecution of airplane crews that carried out specific war crimes, such as attacking a hospital and a wedding party.
  • Ilhan Omar's proposals
    Ilhan Omar proposes laws to direct US foreign policy towards international cooperation and encouraging peace, and reducing the president's power of economic warfare.
  • Bloomberg's repressive views
    Bloomberg is keeping his actual views out of the limelight, apparently so voters won't notice their disagreements with him. The mainstream media are helping. But he has shown his repressive views. Obama also hid his views behind the vague slogans of "hope" and "change". I did not expect much of either from him.
  • Hottest January on record
    *Earth just had hottest January since records began, data shows.* A temperature of 20C was observed in Antarctica. That's almost as high as the temperature I like to have in my office. It feels like spring now in Boston, and it is only February. People with their heads in the sand may think it is comfortable. I find it frightening!
  • Urgent: Stop prosecution of Daniel Hale
    US citizens: call on the Department of Justice to stop the prosecution of drone whistleblower Daniel Hale. If you sign, please spread the word!
  • UK thugs set up face recognition cameras
    UK thugs set up face recognition cameras looking at the door of a shopping center. They put up signs saying "you are not legally required to go through this area", but that does you no good if you need to go there to shop. They made a statement about what they would do with the videos, but did they promise not to save the videos and do other things with them later?
  • EU backs 32 gas projects
    *EU accused of climate crisis hypocrisy after backing 32 gas projects.* The amount spent will be over 30 billion dollars that should be spent on defending the climate rather than destroying it.
  • New pun
    the diver was tickling
  • Damming off the North Sea
    Damming off the North Sea (and thus the Baltic too) would be a feasible and cost effective way of protecting large parts of northern Europe from inundation due to global heating. However, it would not protect anyone from the other aspects of climate disaster — that should be the preferred solution.
  • Urgent: Investigation based on Afghanistan Papers
    US citizens: call on Congress to investigate the conduct of the war in Afghanistan based on the Afghanistan Papers. If you sign, please spread the word!
  • Former dictator to international court
    *Sudan says it will send former dictator Omar al-Bashir to [the International Criminal Court].*
  • Bloomberg should run as a Republican
    *If Bloomberg Wants to Buy an Election, He Should Run as a Republican Against Trump—Not Sabotage Democrats.* Why didn't he? He may have judged that the bullshitter's fanatical supporters can't be swayed by mere mainstream media, or that the bullshitter is a master of stirring them up into hatred. In any case, we have to deal with what he is actually doing. You can't go far wrong by voting against the candidate supported by lots of expensive TV ads.
  • Leading democratic candidates
    *Every leading Democratic candidate supports a form of conservation that can reduce greenhouse gases and create jobs in rural America.*
  • Global heating damages
    Global heating is damaging the delta of the Río Ebro in Spain, squeezed between two effects of the heat. On one side, bigger storms start from the higher sea level. On the other, Spain is becoming more arid and needs more water from the river for irrigation.
  • Shared parental leave
    Offering shared parental leave from work reduces one of the causes of the gender pay gap: the assumption that women will time off for babies and men will not. It will also enable babies to feel less stress, which will help them grow up healthier. The climate crisis will give them too much stress, all too soon, which is part of why people should avoid having babies nowadays. But starting the stress when they are newborns is not a humane way of making this point.
  • Animals' life after fire
    113 species of Australian animals need help to survive after the great fires.
  • Family in power
    Bogus Johnson is putting his relatives into powerful government positions, much like the conman and Bolsonaro.
  • Not feeling safer with a gun
    US gun owners do not feel happier or sleep better than people without guns. Objectively, having a gun in the house makes people less safe.
  • Urgent: deauthorize war with Iran
    US citizens: Phone your senators and say to pass a "concurrent resolution" deauthorizing war with Iran. A concurrent resolution does not require the president to sign it.
  • Reasons for migration
    *More than two-thirds of the migrants fleeing Central America’s northern triangle countries … experienced the murder, disappearance or kidnapping of a relative before their departure.*
  • Respect for justice
    Amazing respect for justice: a woman facing possible deportation from the UK won a decision that she would not be deported, at least not immediately. But the prison guards tried to force her onto a plane. She resisted this illegal action by fighting back. A court has ruled that this was legitimate self-defense.
  • Peace plan
    The bully's "peace plan" proposes to hand over some Israeli territory to a future powerless Palestinian "state". The Palestinians living there would rather remain part of Israel.


  • 'Today’s Dockless Bike-Sharing Systems Are Wild Systems'
    Dockless bikes offer the unexpected and help users navigate and understand the urban environment in new and different ways.
  • L.A.'s Pershing Square Headed for Redesign
    The first phases of a plan to remake the downtown Los Angeles plaza into a more inviting, accessible public space are going to kick off soon.
  • Opinion: California State Water Department Needs to Step Up in the Fight on Climate Change
    California's water resources are under threat from climate change, and the state's water agency must take action to face the challenges.
  • Report Details the Impact of Emerging Transportation Technologies
    The National Cooperative Highway Research Program has released a report that looks at the effects of new transportation-related technologies on public agencies .
  • The 'Love Trolley' Is for Everyone
    Gary Mason has been decorating a SEPTA trolley for Valentine's Day since 1993.
  • U.S. Cities Where Homeowners Stay Put the Longest
    A study identifies cities where people stay in their homes longer, and they tend to be at either end of the income and home values spectrum.
  • Study Shows Link Between Car Ownership and Decrease in Physical Activity
    A study of residents in Beijing, China who became car owners indicates that they used alternative transportation modes less after buying cars.
  • Remembering the Weather of Winters Past
    The measurable effects of climate change are a tangible reminder of trends over time that otherwise can be hard to recall.
  • A New Mixed-Use Superblock for Portland
    A former industrial site on the edge of Portland, Oregon's urban core is planned with major urbanism ambitions.
  • Airbnb Hits a Snag
    For a long time Airbnb shined in the profit-making department, when compared to other tech companies valued over a billion dollars. Now the once-profitable short-term rental platform is losing money, quickly.




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